Hi, my name is Rafsyam Hasyemi and I'm a

Software Engineer

with a love of all things tech.


Why Kemaman?

Because I'm Kemaman-bred, wandered from coast-to-coast, and currently settling down in Cyberjaya.

I graduated college with a degree in Electronics Engineering from MMU, Cyberjaya. During my final years, I spent a ton of hours learning to code, exploring my Fedora box, working on IOT devices, creating websites, building mobile apps etc.

Three months before I graduated, Accenture accepted me as a Junior Software Engineer. A year later, Kendra Solutions took me in as a Software Engineer and I have been with them since.

Why do I code?

I enjoy solving technical problems. I am passionate and excited to learn new things tech. I like to teach myself new concepts. I may not know every single one of the latest technologies, but I'd like to think that given a problem, I would be able to break it down and provide workable solutions.

My work with Kendra Solutions have revolved around Payment Gateway, Payment Integration Systems and E-recharge Systems, which handles ten of thousands daily transactions. Most of the applications are built on Java, Python, Bash and MySQL, primarily focused on the backend implementation of SOAP and RESTful APIs.

What else do I do?

Recently, I have started to pick up Flutter Mobile App developement and have since published 3 Apps both on Google Play and Apple Store. See my works.

On the side, I write a blog and teach people to code. I also regularly play organized basketball and go camping.

Rafsyam Hasyemi



My works

The following are the Flutter based apps which I have worked on. All have been released to both Google Play and Apple Store.

BestPay Solution

BestPay Solution - A digital payment app for Malaysian.

Ihsan Career

Ihsan Career - A local HR outsourcing app.


JobGrabber - The one stop solution for job seekers.

You have an idea for a project?

I'm available for a freelance basis.


Please email me via raf@kemaman.org or WhatsApp me at  0183102718