Rooting Galaxy Tab 10.1

Well, Ipish got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from her dad a few months ago. She kinda use it not that often, probably not much during lecture hours. Well, I’d like her to make use of it more. So I google-ed up for all the drivers needed to make it easy for PC-to-Tab transfer (that’s one of the reasons she rarely use it). It turned out that the drivers are easily available. It is almost plug-and-go actually. So the problem probably lies  on her desktop computer, which I’ll have a look later.

Next on the list is to root the Tab so she can use all the extra features on the device. Unrooted devices lack in permissions, hence lack of special features i.e. backing up sensitive data, exploring system folders etc. I make use of the tutorial here (LINK). In fact, I rewrite the whole thing on the page here, just because the ads annoyed me.

First, the requirement. 
1. This guide is only for P7510 (Wifi) version.
2. Need a windows computer
3. Windows driver for Galaxy Tab 10.1
(LINK -  you gotta wait for a few seconds for download link to appears)
4.Download Odin3 (a Windows tool to update Android system) LINK

Once we have all the files downloaded, we’re ready to go:
1.First we need to put the Tab into ‘download’ mode. 
Turn off the Tab.
Then, press the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.
Right after the Samsung Logo comes out, let go of both buttons immediately.
Then, hit the Volume Up button (choosing the download mode on the right), we should be in the ‘download’ mode.

2. Next, we run the Odin3 application.
Run the Odin3.exe (of whatever version you have)
Tick on ‘PDA’
Click ‘PDA’
Choose ‘recovery-cwm_4.0.0.4-sam-tab-10.1.tar.md5’ (from the same folder of Odin3.exe)
Hit start

3. Then, copy ‘’ and save it to SDcard, preferably in the root folder i.e. sdcard/

4. Next, we put the Tab into ‘ClockWorkMod’ recovery 
Turn off the Tab.
Then, press the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.
Then, hit the Volume Down button (choosing the ‘ClockWorkMod’ on the left)
Then, hit the Volume Up button. We are now in ‘ClockWorkMod’.

5. Now we’re ready to root
Choose “install zip from sdcard” using Volume Up or Down button.
Hit the Power Button to activate it.
Choose the ‘’ (that we copied into SDcard earlier)
Hit the Power button and hit ‘yes’.

When that is done, reboot and we should have fully rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1

Note: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7510) has 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor and 1GB RAM. If I were to buy an Android tablet later, I’ll make sure I have something that matches that :P