Convert the whole website to pdf for offline use

I normally use this ( to convert a single file to convert a single page to pdf file. It helps in keeping the original structure of the page intact without any kind of distortion of any sort, just the way we view it from any browser.

Now, what if I want to convert the whole website to a pdf file, with all the link in tact? This is especially useful for tutorial sites, as I sometimes love to have them available offline.

After looking through the Net, this is the best method I found.

Adobe Acrobat.

Once you have it installed, press the press “SHIFT + CTRL + O” or click on the Create PDF > From Web Page button. A menu opens up that is asking for a url and offering several options on how to proceed. Have a look around.

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You can specify the depth levels of the initial page where you are converting from. It is normally a good idea to stay on the same server and even on the path.

Works perfectly.