Motivation, Novelty

I need to remind myself again and again about these two things. The concept is not hard to understand, but often it’s easy to get confused.

Motivation - What drives us to put efforts in developing the proposed project?
<ul><li>What are the problems/limitations/situation in relation to the current existing solutions?</li><li>Why such problems/limitations/situation are of importance, that it requires ‘solving’? Narrow it down into a specific scope..</li></ul><div>Novelty - What is the uniqueness of the proposed project?</div><div><ul><li>What are the ‘new stuff’ that we are proposing via the project? </li><li>How are they different from the current existing solutions? (must highlight how the existing solutions do not have the ‘new stuff’ that we are proposing)</li><li>Why are they importance? Why they are needed? Explain with help of scenarios within the aforementioned scope, go into details as necessary. </li></ul></div>