Thesis - Chap 1 & Chap 2

We have a meeting on Jan 24th where we were asked to submit our first draft for both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the thesis two weeks after. These are the points jotted down by me during the meeting.

 Chapter 1: Introduction (4 pages) – get the some content from slide!

  • Focus on scope – mention the motivation
  • Current market of AC system – what is available? How far the systems being used?
  • Problems with current AC system
  • How the problems can be solved, in relation to the scope
  • Then, the objective of the project which is proposed, in order to solve the problems
  • Mention the novelty of the project

Chapter 2:Lit. Review (15 pages)

  • Focus on Bluetooth/Smartphone used for AC system
  • Quote examples – highlight advantages and problems – some analysis, why people use the system? The good and the bad from user’s perspective – relate to the situation in Malaysia, with data support - why people don’t use or didn’t try to use
  • Then, highlight specific functions - related to CMS. How CMS is integrated with AC system, along with Smartphone and Bluetooth
  • Discussion, which lead to the Chapter 3: Design and Implementation