My Final Year Project (CSBS) presentation

Below are the slides that I used during my final year project presentation. Basically, CSBS stands for Configurable Steganography Bluetooth-enabled Smartlock. In short, it uses the Bluetooth capabilities that exist in almost all smartphones to unlock the door.

There are many similar projects, and some of their products are already in the market (Kevo, Goji). However, the different is that they are using Bluetooth 4.0 aka Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wifi. BLE exists only on newer smartphones and you need Wifi, well, you need the coverage to make it work. Plus, making your door connected to the internet might not really be a good thing (the Internet of Things downside).

We attempted to make it work on Bluetooth 2.0 (the conventional one). I must say, given some financial help, I’d go making this project a real thing.

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