on Time Travel

Time travel is not possible.

Hear me out.

In the natural order of physical life and existence, time does not exist at all. It is we human who created the concept of time to measure the movements. And we divide each day into 24 hours and one hour into 60 minutes and so on. So, actually, “time” does not move at all because it is a abstract creation made by us. So what moves? It is our biological functions that move. Our body grows from one cell into thousands and then millions, from fetus into a baby and then into a toddler, a child, and finally into an adult. It is the same with plants and animals. We, the objects, have moved. And we measure such movement with the abstract concept of time which we have created.

And you know, a tree or plant can never shrink backwards until it become a seed, nor a human being can have his or her bodily cells reformed backwards until he or she becomes a baby. It is a one way ticket. You SIMPLY CAN’T reverse these process.

Thus, time travel is not possible.