Tomcat - clearing cache

I was doing some works with Tomcat on my current Debian setup and this one issue keeps bugging me the whole day. Today is Friday and lucky for me, I was able to get some times away from that and cleared my mind before getting back at it.

After returning (soaked in wet rain), I came to the conclusion that Tomcat cached some of the apps that I deployed somewhere. This means that re-deploying the apps does not really load up the entirely new App properly as a whole.

Before that, I have checked and did the following, which seemingly “removed” the previous deployment.

Remove the contents of the folder $CATALINA_HOME/work

Well, that worked for basic UI changes that I made, until I needed to re-point the apps to my local database. In my App, there is a config/properties file that handles this. I made changes to the file, and guess what?

The databases connection was unsuccessful…

It seems that Tomcat still does some cache-ing somewhere….

and then I found out the solution :

Change the content of the following file : $CATALINA_HOME/conf/context.xml

Add inside the tag

and that solves my issues.