Basketball defense 3-2 my take

Enough of the nonsense by wannabe coaches that I met. I think the following defense is great, especially for a team with many guards...which is quite frequent in Malaysia.

Case 1 : Starting position.

Common mistakes : Defender No 1 is not pressuring the ball handler enough. No 4 and No 5 not taking middle threat early.

Should do : No 1 should always pressure the ball handler closely but giving up no penetration. For No 4 and No 5, once an opponent cuts through the paint area near highpost or free throw line or paint area in general, the weakside low post defender (one of the lost post defender only) should already body check the cutter, making him useless. In some cases where the opponent is not really good, give him space so that he will get the ball and check him right after - this almost always return a turnover.

Case 2 : Ball is swung to the 45.

Common mistakes : The weakside defenders stick to defending the weakside (which no one there has the ball - no threat) instead of clogging the paint area.

Should do : The wing closest to the ball should close up and pressure the ball. The weakside defenders (both wing and low post defenders should retreat closer to the paint. Yes, giving the weakside opponents some space. At this moment, they don’t have the ball - no threat. A long pass from wing to wing is always easy to intercept. Being away from these weakside wings will highly encourage that long pass.

Case 3 : Ball is swung all the way to the corner.

Common mistakes : Instead of the low post defender, the wing is the one that actually go for the corner defense. Also, if one of the low post defender go for the corner defense, the other low post defender did not move to replace his spot at the low post area strongside (but stick to his original spot on the weakside).

Should do : The closest low post defender should leave his spot and go all the way to challenge the opponent with the ball at the corner. The other low post defender should replace his spot in paint area (thus, leaving the weakside spot entirely). The weakside wings should clog the free throw line area, despite having the shooters at 45 weakside (again, we want to encourage the long pass to the weakside wing, by any chance)