Git diff using meld, a graphical file comparator

  1. First, install meld (or from source :
    sudo apt-get install meld

    2. Then, create a directory named script in home folder
    cd ~; mkdir script; cd script;

    3. Create a file and name it

    4. Insert the following codes :


    import sys
    import os

    os.system(‘meld “%s” “%s”’ % (sys.argv[2], sys.argv[5]))

    5. Save the file.

    6. Then, set git to use this script as part of ‘diff’ command
    git config –global diff.external /home/script/

    That’s it, we’re done. Use git diff as the following

    // compares working directory with index
    // i.e. shows the changes that are not staged yet.
    git diff

    // compares working directory with local repository.
    // shows the list of changes after your last commit.
    git diff HEAD

    // compares index with local repository.
    // shows the diff between your last commit and changes to be committed next (already staged, but not yet commited)
    git diff –cached
    Full manual available :

    If you want to compare between 2 commits, use
    git log and then copy the commit ID of the 2 commits you want to compare
    commit 8c9dcaa5424a67ddf20cd453bcb6db4c5b04edbf — copy this
    Author: Raf
    Date:   Sat Sep 3 17:49:19 2016 +0800
    And then, run the following
    git diff [commitA] [commitB]</div><div>