Getting started with Jekyll as the new blogging platform

I’ve been using Blogger for my blogging purposes for quite some time. However, since I found out that I can host my site with Github Pages, I thought about moving to here for good.


I’ve always been irritated on how I needed to customize each blog post with html to make it pretty and usually ending up messy - sometimes one post use some fonts, style etc while the next one use other stuff. There is no consistency. Especially when I tried to display codes, command etc - the syntax highlighting via html is horrible. I hated the fact that I need to spend some time on styling them properly. And I don’t have that time anymore… (projects are piling up)

So here comes Markdown.

I think Markdown is great. I’m quite used to writing in Texttile at the moment since my company use Redmine for the project management tool and our Redmine is powered by Texttile. I mean, it didn’t take long for me to learn Markdown. FYI, here is a great simple notes on Markdown if you haven’t bookmarked it yet.

So, I have decided from now onward I’ll be blogging through this Github page. I have created the repo a while ago and recently just learned how to create post. I didn’t understand the idea of blogging on static websites in the beginning but now that I understood it, I think this is brilliant. The site is quite fast too.

One extra advantage : Now I can practice using VIM for little bit more. I’m practically writing this post using VIM right now.

Lets get started!

Things to do :