Everyone's a genius until they execute.

Little bit about me

I graduated college with a degree in Electronics Engineering from MMU, Cyberjaya. During my final years, I spent many hours learning to code. That means exploring my Fedora box, writing python scripts on my Raspberry Pi, cracking my Android devices, hacking neighbours’ WIFI, creating websites, building mobile apps and writing applications for any IoT devices that I could lay my hands on, among other things.

To be frank, I didn’t know anything about Software Engineering at the time. I was just mad curious about how things work.

Three months before I graduated, Accenture accepted me as a Junior Software Engineer. A year later, Kendra Solutions took me in as a Software Engineer, and I have been with them for good 5 years. Along the way, I did some side projects at the weekends and odd hours, mainly for the sake of upskilling myself.

In Oct 2021, I joined AIA’s Cyberjaya Tech Centre as a Senior Java Developer.

Why do I code? Why Software Engineering?

I enjoy solving technical problems. I am passionate and excited to learn new things in tech. I like to teach myself new concepts. I may not know every single one of the latest technologies. Still, I’d like to think that given a problem, I would be able to break it down and provide workable solutions.

My work with Kendra Solutions has revolved around Payment Gateway, Payment Integration Systems and E-recharge Systems, which handles tens of thousands of daily transactions. Most of the applications are built on Java, Python, Bash and MySQL, primarily focused on implementing SOAP and RESTful APIs.

What else do I do?

I recently started to pick up Flutter Mobile App development and have since published 3 Apps both on Google Play and Apple Store. See my work at my personal site www.kemaman.org

On the side, I write a blog and teach people to code. I also regularly play organized basketball and go camping.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hola at me at Telegram or ask me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!